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Charles Muller acmuller at human.toyogakuen-u.ac.jp
Mon Jun 25 05:17:26 EDT 2001

Brother Anthony wrote:

>it's a matter of regularly reinforcing firewalls
> and of making sure that your entire system is always safely
> reduplicated  in an off-line back-up.

Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem in a case like this. Although
the user can be prevented accessing the site, he cannot be prevented (from
our end) from launching countless requests to the site, thus blocking out
usage by others.

> Don't be too hard on Korea
> Telecom; you are surely only one of many thousands...

I have had this kind of problem twice before. Once the origin was in Japan,
and the other time, in the U.S. In both cases, the problem user was stopped
by the ISP within 48 hours. On the other hand, not one individual in the
many KT offices that I wrote to was even courteous enough to reply. So I
have no qualms at all about cutting off access from Korea Telecom, or any
other server that has no interest in being responsible for its own security.
We will leave our block on Korea Telecom until we hear from someone in
charge that the matter has been dealt with--which, I imagine, means that it
will never be removed.

I appreciate the concerned suggestion made by Henny Savenije, but
unfortunately, I have no friends in the Korean Ministry of Justice.



Charles Muller

Toyo Gakuen University
Web Resources for East Asian Language and Thought

> Brother Anthony

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