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Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Thu Jun 21 15:13:04 EDT 2001

Dear Chuck, (and everyone else on the list who might experience similar 

A year ago I discovered by coincidence a site who had copied material from 
my site without acknowledging the source. In those days I was teaching a 
lawyer and addressed the problem to him. He told me that the ministry of 
justice had a special department for internet related delinquencies and he 
informed them about the issue.

The problem was solved in no time. So I guess that if, in the case of the 
hacker, someone will inform the ministry of justice, steps will be taken. 
If I am not mistaken, I remember that in case of the Japanese history 
textbook issue, a lot of hackers attacked Japanese sites as well. According 
to the ministry of justice nobody filed a formal complaint, so they 
couldn't do anything.

I hope this helps

At 05:20 PM 6/21/01 +0900, Charles Muller wrote a lot, but also:

>But if there is anyone on the list who has a connection with Korea 
>Telecom, the Korean authorities or diplomatic corp, who can help
>out here, it would be deeply appreciated.

Henny (Lee Hae Kang)

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