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Burglind Jungmann jungmann at humnet.ucla.edu
Thu Jun 14 16:10:00 EDT 2001

Dear colleagues,
For many of you who are interested in Korean art history in relation to
your own fields or who teach Korean art as part of a broader curriculum I
would like to recommend a recent release of CD-rom published by the Korean
Cultural Center in Los Angeles. It contains all the articles published in
"Korean Culture" from 1980 to 1999. 
Over the last two decades "Korean Culture" magazine has published a
significant number of articles on Korean art and archaeology, written by
experts in the field for both specialists and general readers. Essays cover
a great range of topics, spanning from Neolithic sites and Koguryo tomb
murals to Choson dynasty painting and ceramics, and to contemporary Korean
and Korean-American art. It also has a series of Korean holdings in Western
museums. Moreover, the magazine has dealt with other important contextual
materials on Korean history, religion, literature, philosophy, etc. While I
occasionally had difficulties to find specific information through a
keyword search, several indices arranged by authors, titles, and subjects
give a quick overview and make the CD-rom very user-friendly. 
Publications in English on Korean art history and archaeology are certainly
rare. And those that are available are often too general and give a very
incomplete picture of the state of the field. The articles in Korean
Culture partly fill the gaps and provide excellent readings for students
and an introduction to fields we might like to further explore ourselves. 

For further information, look up http://www.kccla.org or contact:

Christina Lee Buswell
Korean  Cultural Center
5505 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
phone: (323) 936-7141, Mondays & Wednesdays
fax: (323) 936-5712
Christina at kccla.org

I highly recommend this new CD-rom!!

Burglind Jungmann
Assistant Professor of Korean Art
Department of Art History

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