[KS] Re: Korean films, how to get older movies?

Kyung Dijkman kyungd at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 28 11:37:50 EST 2001

Dear Mr. Frank Hoffmann,

You can contact KOFIC, the Korean Film Commission.
You should probably ask for Mr. Lee Kon-song who is in charge of 
International affairs. I am sure he is willing to help you get older Korean 
The URL is www.kofic.or.kr. If you need, I have his business card at home, 
so I could give you his phone number also.

Kind regards,

Kyung Dijkman

>From: Frank Hoffmann <hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu>
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>To: korean-studies at iic.edu
>Subject: Korean films, how to get older movies?
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 11:49:19 -0800
>Dear List Members:
>A quick question:  I will offer a course on "Korean Film" this
>summer, at IIC, but have a hard time getting tapes of *older* Korean
>movies here in San Francisco. I also wonder if there is any (Korean)
>documentary film about the early Korean movie industry during the
>colonial period and the 50s and 60s -- ideally with some clips of
>films from that time.
>If KOIS is done with cleaning up and straightening out all those
>horrible Web sites around the world, then maybe they could help a
>whitish boy who is ignorant of all such matters. (Sorry for my
>unprofessional whining, someone just hit me over the head -- never
>got used to that and am still dazzled.) But I fear I cannot wait
>until then. So, if you guys know of any other Korean institution that
>is less busy right now, and that *might* be willing to reply to my
>inquiry, then I would really appreciate that.
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