[KS] Re: Korean films, how to get older movies?

T.N. Park tnpark at mac.com
Mon Mar 26 17:44:35 EST 2001

Frank Hoffmann wrote:
> A quick question:  I will offer a course on "Korean Film" this
> summer, at IIC, but have a hard time getting tapes of *older* Korean
> movies here in San Francisco. I also wonder if there is any (Korean)
> documentary film about the early Korean movie industry during the
> colonial period and the 50s and 60s -- ideally with some clips of
> films from that time.
> If KOIS is done with cleaning up and straightening out all those
> horrible Web sites around the world, then maybe they could help a
> whitish boy who is ignorant of all such matters. (Sorry for my
> unprofessional whining, someone just hit me over the head -- never
> got used to that and am still dazzled.) But I fear I cannot wait
> until then. So, if you guys know of any other Korean institution that
> is less busy right now, and that *might* be willing to reply to my
> inquiry, then I would really appreciate that.

I have no way of knowing off-hand, myself. But I would suggest two places to
try. First, the Korea National Film Institute. I do not know what their name
is in Korean, but they used to be located at the foot of Namsan, just up the
hill from the eastern part of Myôngdong.

The second avenue I would try is the producers and/or writers of "Cinema
Ch'ônguk" at EBS. I believe they often have to deal with older Korean
movies, and they might be able to give you suggestions as to where to go. I
don't have their number, but I'm fairly certain they can be contacted
through the network's website at www.ebs.co.kr. Tell them T'NP sent you, and
they won't know what the heck you're talking about.


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