[KS] Michigan KSP Colloquium: Prof. Deuchler

Henry H. Em henryem at umich.edu
Tue Mar 13 10:26:24 EST 2001

>The University of Michigan
>Korean Studies Colloquium Series presents:
>Martina Deuchler
>Professor of Korean Studies, History Department
>School of Oriental and African Studies,
>University of London
>"Building up the Countryside:  Landed Elites in Mid-Dynastic Choson Korea"
>This lecture explores the fate of landed elites in the Andong area in the
>sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who no longer had close ties to the
>political center in Seoul.  If political participation was no longer a
>viable option, how did they maintain their elite status in the deep
>countryside?  It will be argued that under the influence of Yi T'oegye,
>scholarship and learning became socially acceptable substitutes for
>office-holding.  In fact, the term "literatus" no longer merely meant a
>"scholar;" it gradually evolved into a synonym of high social status.
>Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 7:00-9:00 p.m.*
>1080 South University
>International Institute, SSWB #1644
>(*Please note:  the start of the lecture has been changed from 4pm to 7pm.)
>Light refreshments will be served.
>If you have any questions regarding the colloquium series, please contact
>Kristy Demas, KSP Administrator, at kdemas at umich.edu.

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