[KS] queries on North Korea

Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Sun Mar 25 03:40:58 EST 2001

Although mindful of the policy against double posts, my query to the open list
pretty much struck out, so I'm trying again here (and adding another question
to make it more legit...):

1)  Does anyone know of any North Korean fiction translated into English?  As
far as I can tell there are only the translations that accompany Bryan Myers'
book and Marshall Pihl's article in _Korean Studies 1_, as well as two short
stories that appeared in _Kkachi_, a one-shot translation journal from BYU in
the early '90s. Anything else?

2)  What about reading habits in the DPRK?  I have found little on the
circulation of literary magazines or newspapers.  How widely read is the
Rodong Sinmun within the country?  I have now come across a reference
suggesting that it is generally read within work group study sessions.  Can
anyone tell me if the same is true of stories from "ChosOn Munhak" or other
novels?  Any information on DPRK libraries would also be very welcome.

3) Can anyone offer information about DPRK cinema and or literature since 
the death of Kim Il Sung?  Does anyone know of any books or films that have 
been particularly successful?  I've come across a decent web site on N. Korean
films but was unable to get any info on anything post-'94.  Pointers to
sources in any European languages or readily available in S. Korea would be
most welcome.

Thanks, Stephen

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