[KS] Re: queries on North Korea

Mark Peterson Mark_Peterson at byu.edu
Mon Mar 26 13:46:43 EST 2001


	There is a telephone conversation between two NK siblings, 
one of whom is in SK and one is temporarily in China, reported in the 
current issue of Wolgan Choson.  Therein, they ask each other how 
they are doing, and concerning your question, about reading 
newspapers, the sister in SK says that they in SK there are so many 
newspapers, and people read more on their own than those in NK are 
required to read.  Then she asks is required study in NK is still 
overwhelming, for factory workers and others who aren't really 
interested in studying the Kim duo's philosophy, etc.  And the 
brother in China responds that it has gotten worse, and that study 
for the mind replaces lack of food for the body.  ETC, in the April 


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