Walter K. Lew Lew at humnet.ucla.edu
Wed Nov 7 13:45:54 EST 2001

Dear List:
I was dismayed to see that the "o" with circumflex I used (to
represent "o" with breve) in the announcement of the Korean American
novelists event being held on Nov. 7 at the Korea Society, NY came
through on the list as a mere apostrophe. Resorting to the carat mark
now, the title of the book is: K^ORI: The Beacon Anthology of Korean
American Fiction (as in kutk^ori, yaegig^ori, etc.).  My apologies
for any confusion this may have caused. Of course, on various
websites the main title is spelled "KORI."
Walter K. Lew
11811 Venice Blvd.  #138
Los Angeles, CA  90066

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