[KS] Important administrative notice -- end of the ks-open list

Robert C. Provine provine at umd.edu
Mon Nov 12 23:10:10 EST 2001

Dear ks-open and korean-studies subscribers:

Important changes are afoot in the management of the two lists, ks-open and
korean-studies, that have been hitherto hosted on the IIC server.  We are
moving to new software called Mailman that has a number of advantages over our
current Majordomo software.  Mailman offers, for example, greater flexibility
in list moderation than has been possible so far, and subscribers may choose
from several options, such as receiving messages in digest mode or disabling
subscription for a while (e.g., while on vacation).  Many subscribers have
asked for these additional options.

Concomitantly, the moderated korean-studies list will be moving to a new
address, and the unmoderated ks-open list will be closing.

Current korean-studies subscribers will be subscribed automatically to the new
discussion list and need take no action, but existing ks-open subscribers will
not be subscribed automatically to the new moderated list.  In order to
subscribe, one must go to the web address for the new list and agree to adhere
to the principles advanced for the new list.  All current korean-studies
subscribers will receive an explanatory, automated message from the list about
the features of the Mailman program; this gives a machine-generated (but
changeable) password that subscribers can use for setting features of the
list.  All new subscribers will need to choose a password as part of the
signing-up process.

The managers of the new list will continue to be Stephen Epstein, Frank
Hoffmann, and Rob Provine, but we are delighted to announce that we have been
joined by Hyung Il Pai, Tschung-Sun Kim, and Marion Eggert as moderators.  The
previous Majordomo software often caused an unfortunate time lag between the
sending of a message to the list and its appearance, as only one moderator was
allowed; Mailman makes possible multiple moderators and will thus ensure a
much quicker processing of messages to the list.

The new list's Web interface is at:  http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ .

Messages to the list should be addressed to:  koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws .

As a result of the faster processing time for the moderated korean-studies
list, allowing it to have some of the more instantaneous quality of the open
list, the ks-open list will not be continued.  Although the ks-open list may
be thriving at various levels, the three list owners (Frank Hoffmann, Stephen
Epstein, and Rob Provine), who are required to deal with administrative or
technical problems on ks-open, prefer to spend their energies on the academic
list.  Given the considerable demands on our time and the prospects for
markedly increased traffic on the academic list, we can no longer afford to
continue tending the open list.

Many thanks to all who have made good contributions to the two current lists!
We hope that you'll find the new Mailman program an inviting venue to hold
academic discussions on Korean studies, and we look forward to a re-vitalized
exchange of scholarly views and information.

Reminder:  current korean-studies (moderated list) subscribers need take no
action; you will be automatically included in the new moderated, academic
list.  All others will need to sign up for it at the Web address above.

This is the final message that will be circulated on the existing ks-open and
korean-studies lists.

With best wishes -

Rob Provine
Stephen Epstein
Frank Hoffmann

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