[KS] Welcome to the new list!

Robert C. Provine provine at umd.edu
Mon Nov 12 23:08:13 EST 2001

Dear subscribers to the korean-studies moderated list:

You are now subscribers to the new, moderated Korean studies academic
discussion list that is the successor to the former korean-studies list, as
mentioned in the earlier, final message sent out on the former list.

We hope you will enjoy using the new Mailman list, which has a number of
advantages over the older Majordomo list.  You should be receiving an
automated message from the new list explaining how to use it.

Practically speaking, the list will operate in the essential way just like the
old one:  to reply to a message you receive from the list, simply use "reply",
and your message, if approved by the moderators, will go out to the entire

To initiate a new discussion, send your message to koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws
.  If you have a shortcut or nickname for the korean-studies list entered in
your email address database, please change the address to
koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws, since anything sent to the old address,
korean-studies at iic.edu, will not reach us any longer.

Best wishes from all of us, and our hopes for a revitalized academic
discussion list!

Rob Provine
Frank Hoffmann
Stephen Epstein

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