[KS] FW: Rushing to Sunshine

Carl Saxer carl.saxer at yale.edu
Wed Nov 14 09:57:39 EST 2001

I have already been in contact with Ronin Films downunder, and they do not 
mail to other areas. They suggested that I contact the filmmaker Solrun 
Hoass at  solrun at ozemail.com.au to find a US distributor for Rushing to 
Sunshine. Haven't done that yet though.

New Haven

At 06:03 PM 11/14/01 +0900, you wrote:
>The film is distributed by Ronin Films in Australia.  It is listed on their
>website at the following URL:
>Price depends on your "purchaser category," and for university libraries is
>$320 (presumably Australian dollars).
>Ken Kaliher
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>From:   Pam Bruce [mailto:pbruce at carleton.edu]
>Sent:   Saturday, November 10, 2001 12:55 AM
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>Subject:        Rushing to Sunshine
>I am with Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.  We are interested in
>purchasing the film "Rushing to Sunshine (Seoul Diaries).  Can you tell me
>the best way to go about that?  Thanks in advance.
>Pamela Bruce
>Media Services
>Carleton College
>1 North College Street
>Northfield, MN  55057

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