[KS] request for map of dialects within Korea

Joy Kim joykim at usc.edu
Wed Nov 14 12:34:30 EST 2001

Please try the following sources (diacritics dropped):

Language atlas of Korea = Hanguk ono chidojip / pyonjip chugan Yi Ki-mun, 
Kim Wan-jin ; Taehan Minguk Haksurwon chejak.  Soul : Songji Munhwasa, 1993.

Chungchong-pukto ui ono chirihak / Kim Chung-hoe cho.  Inchon : Inha 
Taehakkyo Chulpanbu, 1992.  viii, 255 p.  Includes maps.

Choson onohak chirihak sigo / Kim Pyong-je.  Soul : Tap Chulpansa, 
1990.  286 p.  (Pukhan ohak charyo chongso ; 807).  Includes maps.


At 09:06 AM 11/14/01 +0900, you wrote:
>I have a request that I hope someone on the list may be able to fulfil.
>I need to find a reference map of dialects in Korea that would include
>Hwanghae and Ch'ungch'ông dialects. An on-line source would be best, but if
>someone could point me in the direction of a book that one could find in
>Korea, that would be fine, as well. I have had no luck finding such things
>with search engines, given the tremendous number of other maps that inundate
>any search engine request.
>Thanks in advance.

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