[KS] Re: Korea-mania in China

Mark Peterson Mark_Peterson at byu.edu
Wed Oct 3 20:38:22 EDT 2001

>  Though I also read a gossip magazine that
>complains about Korean movie stars who don't have Chinese names but want to
>enter the Chinese market...
>Sealing Cheng

My question or comment is tangential - though I find the main thread 
interesting.  Thank you Charles for introducing it.

My question is for Sealing, but I think it is of general interest (or 
I could just write a personal note offline from the KS list).

Sealing's comment about Koreans who "don't have Chinese names..."  I 
wonder what that means.

Given that most Koreans have Chinese-style names, names in Chinese 
characters, do you mean those Koreans who have pure Korean names: 
Pada, Param, Nanse, Kippum?

Or do you mean some Sino-Korean names smell Korean? -- unique to 
Korea.   Like Kim as (what is it?) Chin?  Like Pak?

Certainly some names, Ma (Mao), Yi (Li), are common names in China.

I guess my question is, are you talking about han'gul names? or 
non-Chinese Sino-Korean names?  Or is it the given names, not the 

I hope this question is of general interest.

with best regards,
Mark Peterson

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