[KS] Korea: A century of change

Genevieve Ng ysng at wspc.com.sg
Sun Apr 14 23:29:30 EDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,

Professor Juergen Kleiner of Boston University has recently published a
book entitled Korea: A Century of Change.

This book provides an evenhanded coverage of Korea's turbulent history
during the last one hundred years, from seclusion to division. It
focuses particularly on the development of the two different and
antagonistic states on the peninsula since 1945. The author sees both
through the windows of their possibilities and interests. He supplements
his narrative, which makes use of rich source material, with
observations he has made in South Korea, where he spent more than ten
years from the 1970s to the 1990s, and where he had access to
politicians and opinion leaders.

To access the table of contents, foreword, chapter 1 and more details of
the book, go to:

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