[KS] FWD: Scholarship to Study at Ewha (Seoul, Korea), Summer 2002

ejgindin ejgindin at iVillage.com
Thu Apr 18 23:24:31 EDT 2002

I am a Masters student in International Development at American
University in Washington DC. I am working on a paper and need some
information--I'm hoping someone can help me.
It's about the comfort women of WWII, and how the women have so
successfully received international attention and some restitution. I am
drawing a parallel to the organized prostitution around the US army
bases, and asking why this very similar abuse of women is being ignored.
A professor at Ewha Women's University raised the issue of the comfort
women, but apparently (I read in one source) she did so to draw
attention to sex tourism and the militarized prostitution. Her name is
Yun Chung Ok, and she was working with a Christian women's group. 
I want to know if the attention the comfort women have received has also
drawn attention to militarized prostitution. It would help me if I could
speak to Prof Yun or someone who is currently active in women's concerns
in Korea.
I will appreciate any suggestions.
Jane Gindin

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