[KS] Freshman seminar on "Becoming Korean"

Hyung Il Pai hyungpai at eastasian.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 18 12:05:03 EDT 2002

Dear members,
I am in the process of developing a freshman seminar on the topic of
"Becoming Korean," taking an inter-disciplinary approach to race, culture,
and identity formation. I would appreciate information and resources on
recent books, articles, film/videos, DVDs, documentaries, web-sites
(preferably in English or subtitled), etc. particularly covering
contemporary popular culture and media that would incite 18-year old
freshman discussion and participation.
I have a modest budget that I can apply for  since these seminars are run by
the General Education program on campus. It would help enormously if you can
also include press/ vendor information /price/ and emails of people I should
contact, since I am meeting a budget proposal deadline next month.

Hyung Il Pai

Associate Professor
East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
HSSB Building
University of California, Santa Barbara
CA 93106, U.S.A.
Fax: 805) 893-3011, Tel: 805) 893-2245
Email: Hyungpai at eastasian.ucsb.edu
P.S. Please note change in my email address.

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