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A few of my own articles, although they concentrate on music/dance, 
may be of slight interest:

- 'Where did the old music go?' Minjok umakhak (Journal of the Asian 
Music Research Institute, Seoul) Vol XV: 122-151. 1993'
- Juche and Culture: What's New?' In Hazel Smith, Chris Rhodes, Diana 
Pritchard, Kevin McGill (eds), - North Korea in a New World Order: 
169-195. Basingstoke: Macmillan. 1996.
- 'North Korea: songs for the Great Leader, with instructions from 
the Dear Leader', in Marc Orange et al (eds), Mélanges offerts a Li 
Ogg et  Daniel Bouchez: 103-30. Cahiers d'Études Coréennes 7. Paris: 
College de France. 2001.
- Dancing for the Eternal President', in Annie Janeiro Randall (ed), 
Sounds of Suppression. New York: Routledge (forthcoming).

Keith Howard

>Thank you to everyone who responded with suggestions after my last 
>question, on study options in Korea.
>I have another brief query. Has anything been written in English on 
>North Korean propaganda art? A student who is working on Soviet 
>propaganda art would like to look at the North Korean example for 
>comparison, but I'm at a loss . . .

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