[KS] propaganda and art

Leonid Petrov petrov at coombs.anu.edu.au
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Dear Morgan,

"Pyongyang and its People: Notices of a Soviet Student" by Dr. Andrei Lankov
provides a unique insight into North Korean mass propaganda and some
comparisons with its Soviet prototype.
See < http://north-korea.narod.ru/pyongyang_lankov.htm > It will be of great
help to your student.

With regards,


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> Thank you to everyone who responded with suggestions after my last
> question, on study options in Korea.
> I have another brief query. Has anything been written in English on
> North Korean propaganda art? A student who is working on Soviet
> propaganda art would like to look at the North Korean example for
> comparison, but I'm at a loss . . .
> Thanks,
> Morgan
> PS: I wanted to try to explain why I've been writing with so many
> questions. I am a cultural historian who specializes in East Asian
> ceramic culture and markets; my training and main area of research
> has been Japan, but I've also worked on Qing China and Koryo Korea,
> and I'm interested in doing more comparative work. Here at Oxy, I
> volunteered to teach a new course in Korean history and culture (the
> whole lot) which has been relatively successful, thanks to the help
> of people on this list . . .
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