[KS] Sum: Resources on Korean translation studies

Junghee Genevieve Chang gchang at tpg.com.au
Sun Aug 11 04:41:38 EDT 2002

Dear all,

I would like to thank those who shared their knowledge with me and pointed me to sources of Korean
translation studies. Below I have summarized information I've obtained so far. However, more help is
always welcome!

1. Language, Culture and Translation:Issues in the Translation of Modern Korean Literature. James
Huntley Grayson and Agnita Tennant (eds.)

2. "Hanguk munhak ui oeguko ponyok" or "Foreign language translation from Korean literature" edited
by Kim Chong-gil et al., Seoul; Minumsa. 1997

3. An Sonjae (Brother Anthony of Taize)  www.sogang.ac.kr/~anthony/
e.g. "The Foreignness of Language and Literary Translation" in Journal of English Language and
Literature, 1996.

4. Young-Key Kim-Renaud & R.Richard Grinker (eds.) 2000. Creation and Re-creation: Modern Korean
fiction and Its Translation. Washington DC: The Sigur Center for Asian Studies.

5. Sang-Hwan Seong. "Transitivity parameter and prominence typology: a cross-linguistic study"
(35pages) In: Applied Cognitive Linguistics Ed. by Puetz, Martin / Niemeier, Susanne / Dirven, Rene.
Berlin and NewYork: Mouton de Gruyter. 19.1: I: Theory and Language Acquisition
2001. XXIV, 273 p.

6. Korean Translation Studies at University of Bonn

7. TUTSCH, Martin. Ch'ae Manshik. Mein Onkel, der Spinner; Geschichte eines Reisfeldes: Die
japanische Kolonialherrschaft in Korea im Spiegel der koreanischen Literatur.

8. www.kcaf.or.kr ,  www.daesan.or.kr,

9. http://rs2.riss4u.net/

My thanks again to those who helped me, and I hope this in turn helps others.



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