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A volume on translation of Korean fiction that hasn't been mentioned yet is
"Creation and Re-Creation: Modern Korean Fiction and Its Translation,"
edited by Young-Key Kim-Renaud and R. Richard Grinker, Sigur Center Asia
Papers Number 8. The volume came out of a colloquium at George Washington
University, and contains papers on translation by Bruce Fulton, Yu
Young-nan, Peter Caws, Alf Hiltebeitel, Young-Key Kim-Renaud, and Peter
Rollberg. It may still be available through the Sigur Center,

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> Dear list members,
> I am working on a research project of translation studies at Macquarie
University in Australia
> (independently from the current Translation and Interpreting program of
the university).
> As a background research I am looking for previous studies on translation
theory (theories), in the
> case of translation between Korean and languages other than Korean.
> I would be most grateful if anybody could direct me to the resources or
offer any information.
> Sincerely,
> Junghee Chang

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