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Sun Dec 1 08:23:16 EST 2002

King Sejong's Weol-in-cheon'gang-chi-kok, vol 1, has been translated into 
German with grammatical notes and vocabulary (incl. explanations of the 
Buddhist special vocabulary:

SASSE, Werner and AN Jung-Hee,
Der Mond gespiegelt in tausend Fluessen - Das Leben des Buddha Gautama in 
Verse gesetzt im Jahre 1447 von Koenig Sejong -
Seoul/Korea: Sohaksa Verlag 2002 (10-1 Namyoung-Dong, Yongsan-Ku, Seoul, 
Korea 140-160,  FAX (02) 796-8700)
ISBN 89-7191-212-X 13740

-Der Mond gespiegelt in tausend Fluessen, p. 1-194 ( per page repr. 
Original, copy in mod. letters, translation, short commentary)
-Vokabeln und Morphemanalyse , p.195-465,
-Bibliographie, p.466-69
-Anhang I: Eigennamen, Ortsnamen und spezielles sino-koreanisches Vokabular, 
p. 1-10 (Index)
-Anhang II: Grammatische Morpheme und Endungen, p.11-18

Price 30.000 Won, or 26.-- Euro (excl. postage)

Can be ordered through Korean bookshops, the publisher, or through Werner 

Brush up your German through Middle Korean/Middle Korean through German ....

Greetings, Werner Sasse

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