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이상억(SangOak Lee) sangoak at snu.ac.kr
Sun Dec 1 20:53:28 EST 2002

Dear all,
     ICKL (International Circle of Korean Linguistics) opens a large-scale conference every even-numbered year. However, because the conference is held every other year, there were concerns that its attendants were becoming unfamiliar. Therefore, as a part of ICKL events, I would like to notify you that the specifics for the opening of the Ad Hoc Conference have been further confirmed as below.
     TUBerlin(http://www.tu-berlin.de/eng/index.html) is the locale of this event and this university is very much interested in Korean Linguistics. Throughout the whole event, everything from promotions for abstracts from German scholars to the finishing touches of the conference, Professor Peter Erdmann(Dean of College of Humanities) and Dr. See-Young Cho will be helping to coordinate matters. Professor Erdmann and Dr. Cho suggest that more German scholars and professors participate in the conference rather than limiting the attendees to Korean scholars, and thus make the event more international. In addition, there will be a number of German general linguistics professors attending the conference whom I have asked for attendance during last summer's German-U.S. Linguistic Institute at Duesseldorf. The German organizers plan to send out invitations and like our counterparts, we will do so as well. And of course individual applications are very much welcome.
     Quantitative Linguistics Circle of Seoul National University under my leadership is planning to provide up to 15 studious participants with free accomodations for approximately two nights.
Sincerely yours, 
                                                          Lee, Sang-Oak 
                                                          President of ICKL
ICKL-TUBerlin International Conference on Korean Linguistics

Call for Papers

     ICKL-TUBerlin International Conference dealing with Korean Linguistics will be held at TUBerlin, during July 21~22, 2003. We are looking for 15 to 30 speakers and are giving focus on the areas of Corpus Linguistics, Quantitative Linguistics, Lexicography, and CALL(Computer-Aided Language Learning). Because the four areas mentioned deal with methodological contents and are thus related to every field of linguistic discipline, we will select from a wide variety of fields from phonetics to pragmatics while giving priority to the quality of the submitted abstracts. Studies such as "Comparison of the Korean and German Phonemic Systems," "Studies on Case Systems," "Studies on the Passive Constructions," "Studies on the Frequencies of the Topic," "Studies on the Word Order," "Studies on Neologism(Newly-coined words)" would be very helpful to the long-term project planned by TUBerlin.
* Rather than having the 2003 ICKL-TUBerlin International Conference simply be about presenting the papers themselves, we plan for in depth discussions among interested participants. For this sake, the full papers of the selected abstracts will be posted on the ICKL homepage by July 5, 2003. The participants can access the papers, discovering potential problems of the analyses or suggestions in the papers before coming to the conference. 
* Please submit your one page (or more) abstract on an A4 size paper (references can be on a separate page) no later than December 20, 2002.  When submitting your abstract, include your name, affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number on a separate computer file. Abstracts in English are preferred, but presentation in Korean will be possible if English abstracts are made available.
* The selected abstracts will be notified by January 5, 2003. The authors of the selected abstracts are advised to post their finalized full-version papers on the ICKL homepage by July 5, 2003.
* If you are in Europe, send your abstract to:
 Dr. See-Young Cho
 Technische Universit t Berlin
 FB1, Sekr. TEL 19-2
 Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
 10587 Berlin, Germany
 E-mail : cho at fk1-tu-berlin.de
 Phone : + 49-30-314-26986
 Fax : + 49-30-314-27638
* If you are not in Europe, send your abstract to:
 Professor Jong-Yurl Yoon
 Dept. of English language and Literature,
 Kookmin University,
 Seongbuk-Ku, Seoul, 136-702, Korea
 E-mail: jyyoon at kmu.kookmin.ac.kr
 Phone: +82+2+910-4378
 Fax:   +82+2+910-4229

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