[KS] korean comfort women art exhibition

jdpilzer at uchicago.edu jdpilzer at uchicago.edu
Sat Dec 7 21:57:03 EST 2002

Dear Everyone,

I am writing from Kyeonggi-do Kwangju-si, from the 나눔의집 (House of Sharing) that 
houses ten former Korean comfort women and curates a historical museum, where I am 
volunteering and doing dissertation research.  As you probably know, Korean former 
comfort women have been making paintings addressed to their past and current 
experiences for about ten years.  There have been exhibitions of these paintings in New 
York, Philadelphia, LA and elsewhere, where women (one at a time) have accompanied 
their paintings and given testimony in tandem with the exhibition.  The women are 
accompanied by an English-Korean bilingual staff member.  

Currently the staff here are looking to take this project elsewhere in the United States and 
(particularly) to Europe, where it has never once travelled.  Would any of you be 
interested in some way sponsoring or hosting the exhibition?  The staff is seeking 
financial support for the project as well, to cover travel expenses for the two travellers 
and accomodations.  Please write to me if you are interested and to ask any questions 
you might have.  

best wishes, 

Josh Pilzer
jdpilzer at uchicago.edu
from outside the country: 82-11-9108-1419
from inside: 011-9108-1419

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