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David Mason mntnwolf at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 17 03:28:03 EST 2002

Dear fellow Korean-studiers,

I am pleased to announce that my November 1999 book
_Spirit of the Mountains_ on San-shin or Korean 
mountain-spirits / mountain-worship was selected by
the Korean National Academy of Sciences
as a "Distinguished Academic Book".

They bought 500 copies for distribution to libraries
and such.  That was nice, because it impelled my 
publisher (Hollym) to do a Second Printing, with all
mistakes corrected, which results in a better-looking
volume (still hardcover, same price).  No new text or
photos could be inserted, unfortunately.

Hollym is now proofreading the Korean translation of
it, which does contain some new text or photos (but 
with the 330 footnotes drastically reduced); maybe 
that will finally get published in paperback this 
Spring (after 2 years of delay!).  

If you are operating a webpage or other list of books
about Korean culture, please make sure that _Spirit 
of the Mountains_ is listed on it.  The ISBN # is

I have also created a web-site on this subject, with
more than 50 pages of material by now.  Please see:
-- the web's only site devoted to this broad topic.

San-shin.org not only offers the book for sale, but 
is also a living, evolving "extensiontion" of it. 
The web-site is being continuously updated with new 
text and photos that didn't make it into the 1st 
edition.  There is plenty of fascinating stuff that 
I have discovered since then, including some great 
statues and paintings -- some old and some brand-new.
The Contents Page now offers 14 major photo/text 
essays, and links to 17 pages of "Weird and Excellent
New Discoveries".  No ads or sounds.

I hope that everyone at all interested in this 
complex subject will enjoy this site as a kind of
supplement to the book, gaining wider and deeper 
insight into Korean mountain-worship in all its 
colorful manifestations.  All together, it's more
about San-shin than you ever wanted to know...

More interactive features, and a Korean-language 
site with many of the same photos, are being planned.

If any of you are running web-sites or pages about 
Korea, I hope that you will put on a link to 
and then send me e-mail about your site or page, 
which I will reciprocally link to.

And also, if any of you have written a paper about 
San-shin (in English or Korean), or taken unusual 
photos related to it, I would love to put them up 
on the site.  Please send me an e-mail to discuss.

Pre-Election and Winter-Solstice Greetings 
and Best Wishes to you all...

David A. Mason,  Tourism Consultant
Visit Korea Year,  Ministry of Culture and Tourism
WEBSITE:  http://www.san-shin.org

#502-504, Jugong Apts.  Kangdong-gu, Sangil-dong
Seoul City  134-090   KOREA     Mobile Phone: 011-9743-9753
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