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Charles Rd K Armstrong cra10 at columbia.edu
Tue Feb 5 13:37:28 EST 2002

Dear Morgan Pitelka,

If your student can get to Washington DC, there's a fascinating file
in the US military records in the National Archives that describes the
origins of the Holt Adoption Agency, now one of the two largest adoption
agencies in South Korea, as well as "Operation Baby-lift" 1955, which
brought some 300 Amerasians from Korea to Japan to settle with American
military families. A lot of this information can also be gleaned from US
newspapers of the immediate post-Korean War period; Cosmopolitan Magazine,
of all things, had a big photo spread about Korean War orphans (many of
them Amerasians) sometime in the mid-1950s.

Charles K. Armstrong
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 On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Morgan Pitelka wrote:

> Dear All,
> One of my students is conducting research on Amerasian children left
> behind in Asia after various 20th century wars.
> Can anyone recommend any literature on this topic? I've found a few
> adoption and charity websites that have a limited amount of data, but
> am particularly interested in scholarly essays. All I've found is
> Okazawa Rey M, "Amerasian children of GI town: A legacy of US
> militarism in South Korea." ASIAN J WOMEN STUD 3: (1) 71-102 1997.
> Thank you,
> Morgan
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