[KS] Amerasian children in Korea

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Dear Morgan:
I would recommend that you contact the Pearl Buck Foundation (home office is 
in Pennsylvania) for suggested sources. It's been some time since I had 
contact with them but I know that they had an office in Seoul in the 80s.
Best of luck,
Lawrence Driscoll

>From: Morgan Pitelka <mpitelka at oxy.edu>
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>Subject: [KS] Amerasian children in Korea
>Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 13:31:47 -0800
>Dear All,
>One of my students is conducting research on Amerasian children left
>behind in Asia after various 20th century wars.
>Can anyone recommend any literature on this topic? I've found a few
>adoption and charity websites that have a limited amount of data, but
>am particularly interested in scholarly essays. All I've found is
>Okazawa Rey M, "Amerasian children of GI town: A legacy of US
>militarism in South Korea." ASIAN J WOMEN STUD 3: (1) 71-102 1997.
>Thank you,
>Morgan Pitelka
>Asian Studies Department
>Occidental College
>1600 Campus Road
>Los Angeles, CA 90041
>email: mpitelka at oxy.edu

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