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서아정 ajsuh at kf.or.kr
Mon Feb 18 21:39:32 EST 2002

Dear All:

May I remind you that the two following new programs by the Korea Foundation are nearing their application submission deadline which is set at March 15 for 
2002-2003 academic year. I would like to encourage anyone interested in applying to these programs to hurry and get your application in.  


The Advanced Research Grant program is designed to support for the scholarly research and writing activities of Korean studies scholars related to the humanities and social sciences fields, which will advance scholarship in Korean studies.  Eligible projects involve research efforts that result in scholarly publications, which are to be disseminated in languages other than Korean. 


●  ELIGIBILITY : Overseas scholars whose major research interest is on subject related to Korea and who are currently engaged in Korea-related teaching and research activities
●  GRANT TERMS : Personal remuneration and project-related research expenses 
●  GRANT PERIOD : Six to twelve consecutive months
●  REQUIREMENTS : Grantees are expected to devote full-time effort to the research and writing during the grant period.  The Foundation fully expects that the proposed research will result in the publication of its results.  

The Postdoctoral Fellowship program provides promising and highly qualified recent Ph.D. recipients with the opportunity to conduct research at leading universities in the field of Korean studies so that they can further develop their scholarship as well as have their dissertations published as manuscripts.

●  ELIGIBILITY : Non-Korean scholars who have received their Ph.D. degree in a subject related to Korea within five years of their application but do not currently hold a regular faculty position
●  FELLOWSHIP GRANT : Stipend support for a 12-month period  
●  FELLOWSHIP PERIOD : A 12-month period in accordance with the academic year of the affiliated institution
-        Fellows shall be in residence at the affiliated institution during the academic year, and are requested to participate in the affiliated institution’s activities.  

-        Fellows shall revise their doctoral dissertation in the field of Korean studies to produce a publishable manuscript. 

●  INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION : A formal affiliation is required with a university or research institution, other than those from which the applicant has received his/her Ph.D, that includes a faculty and reference resources related to the applicant’s research field.  

●  APPLICATION DEADLINE : March 15, 2002 

For further information, please refer to the program guidelines at www.kf.or.kr.


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