[KS] Translation query

Andrew Killick akillick at mailer.fsu.edu
Thu Feb 28 11:43:31 EST 2002

In reply to Brother Anthony's question, my experience with academic
publishing outside Korea has been that no one is even considering adopting
the new romanization system. I have several times submitted items that
either used the new system or were accompanied by an inquiry as to which
system would be used, and in all cases I have been left in no doubt that my
work would not be considered for publication unless I stuck to McC-R. It
looks very much as if there will be one system used in Korea and another in
the rest of the world. I'd be interested to hear if others have had
different experiences.

-Andrew Killick
Florida State University
akillick at mailer.fsu.edu

> In only vague connection with this query, I would be very grateful for any
helpful comments on
> the current and prospective future international use of the "new"
romanization system, having
> recently become involved with helping prepare a book in English designed
for overseas use which
> writes all the names of 20th-century Korean writers in the new way. Should
I be preparing to
> publish volumes of work by Go Eun rather than Ko Un?

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