[KS] Acta Koreana, vol.5, no.1

Kim, Tschung-Sun tskim at hiu.edu
Tue Jan 8 13:41:43 EST 2002

Academia Koreana is pleased to announce that the latest issue of our
journal, Acta Koreana, Vol. 5, No. 1, is off the press. Featured in this
issue are the following five research articles including three on North
Korean topics:
- Charles K. Armstrong, The Origins of North Korean Cinema: Art and
Propaganda in the Democratic People’s Republic
- Sonia Ryang, Technologies of the Self: Reading from North Korean Novels
in the 1980s
- Stephen Epstein, On Reading North Korean Short Stories on the Cusp of the
New Millennium
- Sung-deuk Oak, North American Missionaries’ Understanding of the
Tan’gun and Kija Myths of Korea, 1884-1934
- Keith Howard, Lee Hye-ku and the Development of Korean Musicology
Book review section includes evaluations of the following four new books,
along with twelve reviews from the Korean Studies Review:
-John B. Duncan, The Origins of the Choson Dynasty. By J. Michael Allen	
-Yoonmi Lee, Modern Education, Textbooks and the Image of the Nation. By 
Hyung-chan Kim							
-Sheena Choi, Gender, Ethnicity, Market Forces, and College Choices:
Observations of Ethnic Chinese in Korea. By Hyaeweol
-Tat Yan Kong, The Politics of Economic Reform in South Korea: A Fragile
Miracle. By 
Rudiger Frank			

A Eulogy on Li Ogg by Daniel Bouchez is also included.

To order single copies and for subscription information, please contact us
at info at actakoreana.org, or go to our website, http://www.actakoreana.org.

Beginning with this issue, our journal will be published twice annually, in
January and July. Submission of manuscripts of research articles are
invited, and guidelines for submission can also be found on our website.

Tschung-Sun Kim

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