[KS] The death of Queen Min

Michael James Miller mjm66 at email.byu.edu
Tue Jul 2 21:51:48 EDT 2002

They cite an "Ejo çÈíú Report."  I have no access to the 
text of the report, but you can find information at:


The report appears to speak of a posthumous rape, leaving 
people to speculate whether she was actually dead at the 
time or mortally wounded but still alive.


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> I would like to know what Japanese source was cited as the basis for
> the allegation that Queen Min was raped.  I have read everything I
> could get my hands on regarding Queen Min's assassination.  Never
> found any such suggestion. The circumstances of her death as I know them
> would not appear to have allowed such behavior.
> Ted Critchfield
> On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Henny Savenije wrote:
> > I got the following mail from someone, could anyone enlighten me?
> > 
> > >Dear Mr Savenije,
> > >I would like to ask you whether you could confirm the latest developments 
> > >about the death of the Queen Min. I've heard from one Korean scholar in 
> > >Cracow that one journalist had published an article (based on Japanese 
> > >sources) about her death in which he says that she had been raped by the 
> > >Japanese soldiers before they killed her.
> > >Sincerely
> > >Andrzej Wadas

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