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Keith Pratt Keith.Pratt at durham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 3 04:14:26 EDT 2002

Dear Robert

I may be able to help a bit with JMB. About a year ago I was contacted by
a descendant saying that she was researching his life, and asking about
resources. She didn't show any awareness of there being an archive as
such, but said she had some papers and material possessions (not a lot, by
the sound of it, and mostly to do with his time in China).

Stupidly, I erased her e-mail address too quickly, but her name and postal
address are:
Christine Hart, Fellside, Clapham, Lancaster LA2 8EA, UK.

Hope this helps,

Keith Pratt

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Robert Armstrong wrote:

> Sorry to bother the circle with this but does anyone know where the archives 
> are for the following people.
> John McLeavy Brown - the English man that ran the Korean customs.
> Christopher T. Gerdner  - the acting British Consul from Feb 1, 1894 until 
> September 30, 1894.
> Charles Chaille Long - American secretary to the American Legation from 
> October 1887-1889.
> Would appreciate any help.
> Robert
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