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Boris Mayer Boris.Mayer at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Jul 18 03:59:00 EDT 2002

Hi there,

I am also a doctoral student of psychology from Germany (Lake 
Constance). I am interested in cross-cultural psychology and 
especially in Korean psychological concepts like "jong" and "chae-
myun". There is a very recent article in the Journal of Cross-
Cultural Psychology on chae-myun:

Choi, S.-C., & Lee, S.-J. (2002). Two-component model of chemyon-
oriented behaviors in Korea: Constructive and defensive chemyon. 
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 33, 332-345.

The first author, Sang-Chin Choi, is a professor of psychology at 
Chung-Ang University in Seoul. He has written extensively on 
indigenous psychological concepts of Koreans. In 2000, he 
published a book titled "The psychology of Koreans" (in Korean). 
The reference for this book is given in the article cited above.

With regards,

Boris Mayer

>Hello everyone,
>I am doctoral student of psychology at New York University and am 
>working on a paper exploring how Koreans conceptualize goodness 
and badness. 
>  Could anyone suggest any literature (written in English) on the 
>of "chae-myun" (please excuse the spelling) (that is, honor, 
dignity) in 
>Korean society?
>Your input is greatly appreciated,
>Joanne Hwang
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