[KS] Distribution of Korean Librarianship Outside of Korea

Joy Kim joykim at usc.edu
Wed Jun 5 18:42:41 EDT 2002

The books finally arrived via surface mail, and I am now ready to mail them 
out to those who reserved their copies by responding to my previous 
announcement.  Some 100 copies were distributed during AAS in April.  If 
you did not get yours then, please send your mailing address to me (in the 
label form please so I can copy and paste), along with the no. of copies 
you wish to receive.  Even if you sent your address before, please do so 
once again.

If your mailing address is different from your institution address, please 
do indicate your affiliation (name of organization, department., and phone 
no.).  If there are multiple orders within the same organization,  in order 
to save postage, I plan to designate one person (most likely a librarian, 
if applicable) and ask him/her to distribute to others within the 
organization.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Joy Kim
Curator, Korean Heritage 
Library  http://www.usc.edu/isd/archives/arc/libraries/eastasian/korea/
University of Southern California <http://www.usc.edu>
University Park
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0182

Tel: 213-740-2329
Fax: 213-740-7437
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