[KS] The death of Queen Min

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If you read Korean, check out the following link 
(http://www.yallee.org/project/history/view.asp?page_num=1&num=51). It 
briefly introduces the newly discovered Ejo Report.

Please keep in mind that the artcle came out right after Fukuda Yasuo's 
speech that Japan could go nuclear.

Ted Han
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>I got the following mail from someone, could anyone enlighten me?
>>Dear Mr Savenije,
>>I would like to ask you whether you could confirm the latest developments 
>>about the death of the Queen Min. I've heard from one Korean scholar in 
>>Cracow that one journalist had published an article (based on Japanese 
>>sources) about her death in which he says that she had been raped by the 
>>Japanese soldiers before they killed her.
>>Andrzej Wadas
>Henny (Lee Hae Kang)
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