[KS] New URL

Brother Anthony anthony at ccs.sogang.ac.kr
Fri Mar 1 20:39:12 EST 2002

I think some members might want to know that Cornell East Asia Series have changed their URL.
Books on Korea (almost all translations) can be seen grouped at
http://www.einaudi.cornell.edu/eastasia/CEASbooks/category.asp?id=21 while the initial address
for the whole site is http://www.einaudi.cornell.edu/eastasia/CEASbooks

I am extremely grateful for the responses to my query on romanizing and will hope that TNP's
anticipation of a withdrawal may soon come to pass. BTW, the Korea Times is currently waging a
war against the newly created word "Worldcup" (as in "Seoul Worldcup Stadium") but with limited
success. Bureaucrats do not make mistakes, you see; they exercise creative freedom.

My other query was, of course, about Chon Kyong-Nin whom nobody outside of Korea seems willing
to call Jeon Gyeong-nin (or translate, judging by the deafening silence).

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul

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