[KS] Romanization tendencies in the West

Gari Keith Ledyard gkl1 at columbia.edu
Fri Mar 1 23:33:37 EST 2002

Point taken, David.  You're absolutely right.  Attention must be paid.

Gari Ledyard

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, David McCann wrote:

> If I may, I would like to add an additional point of amplification
> regarding Professor Ledyard's earlier comment, which was then re-copied in
> Professor Palais' response; namely, where Professor Ledyard wrote "Korea
> has decided to go its own way," it is actually an action talken by South
> Korea that he -- and the discussion before and since -- is referring to.
> Especially at this vexing moment in U.S. relations with the peninsula, as
> the President of the United States seems to be doing his utmost
> simultaneously to undermine President Kim Dae Jung and inflame the
> government of North Korea, the political implications of even such mundane
> matters as romanization need our alert attention as scholars and students
> in the field of "Korean" studies.  At every opportunity, that is to say, I
> would urge readers and contributors to this discussion to notice what we
> assume "Korea" is.
> David McCann

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