[KS] (romanization systems)

David C. Kang David.C.Kang at Dartmouth.EDU
Sun Mar 3 15:27:47 EST 2002

--- You wrote:
I wonder if anyone is 
for the new system. It would be enlightening to hear from those who are for 
the new system, 
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You know, I prefer the M-R system, but I'm considering switching. The last two pieces I published I used the M-R system, and those diacriticals made the whole publishing process extremely difficult. The first set of proofs got them wrong, and then the second set was also screwy, although I think I caught all the mistakes. Just for ease of publishing the lack of diacriticals in the new system is a big plus, so I may succumb to "Bag, Busan, and Gimpo."


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