[KS] (romanization systems)

Eugene Y. Park parkey at benfranklin.hnet.uci.edu
Tue Mar 5 15:37:58 EST 2002

Dear All,

I'm certainly not ready to switch to the new system when it comes to my
own publications, because I'd like to respect the convention of the Korean
Studies community outside Korea.  And looks like MR is doing just fine, at
least for now. 

All the same, I DO use the new system for more personal activities.  For
example, I just find it much more convenient to use the new system when it
comes to romanizing Korean via Telnet.  Also with my own collection of JPG
file images, I naming a file "Bak Yeong-hyo" over "Pak Yo^ng-hyo" (as you
can guess, right now I'm using Telnet to type all this).  

I too would be curious to hear some more from those who find any merit in
the new system.

Gene Park

On 3 Mar 2002, David C. Kang wrote:

> --- You wrote:
> I wonder if anyone is 
> for the new system. It would be enlightening to hear from those who are for 
> the new system, 
> --- end of quote ---
> You know, I prefer the M-R system, but I'm considering switching. The last two pieces I published I used the M-R system, and those diacriticals made the whole publishing process extremely difficult. The first set of proofs got them wrong, and then the second set was also screwy, although I think I caught all the mistakes. Just for ease of publishing the lack of diacriticals in the new system is a big plus, so I may succumb to "Bag, Busan, and Gimpo."
> Dave

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