[KS] Romanization tendencies in the West

Kaliher, Kenneth L. KaliherK at usfk.korea.army.mil
Wed Mar 6 17:01:15 EST 2002

I believe Mr. McCann was merely pointing out that we need to be mindful of
what we mean when we simply say "Korea" or "Korean," and to distinguish when
necessary or appropriate between North Korea and South Korea.  Often the
distinction is quite clear from context, as has been the case throughout
most if not all of this thread of discussion.  When it is not clear,
however, we must be precise -- just as those who write about "North Korea"
sometimes need to clarify whether they mean the geographical area, the
population at large, the political-economic entity, or (as is so often the
case) merely the Kim family regime which is calling the shots.

Ken Kaliher

William Brown wrote:
> With all due respect, I think Mr. McCann is not right. Certainly the duely
> elected government of Korea is entilted to represent "Korea" on an issue
> as what kind of romanization system that country should have. To suggest
> don't have such authority is highly  prejudicial and disrepectful. To
> that the unlected despotic  regime in Pyongyang has some kind of say in
> system the Republic of Korea uses makes no sense whatsoever.

The Korean governmental organisation that decided upon these new rules is no
more elected than is the regime in Pyongyang....

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