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A Kimura Kan (Kobe University) has written an article on Kojong and annexation
for one of our journals here at Rikkyo University.  It is scheduled to
come out in a few months.  His English abstract suggests that he
deals with the period from his time in the Russuan Embassy.
He also has a book on Korean nationalism
that covers this period, as well.  (Both are in Japanese.)
If either of these works interest you I can put you in touch with
the author.


Mark Caprio

At 10:12 02.3.20, michael Robinson wrote:
> Dear List:
> While on the subject of narratives of events and issues in the
literature, I received a request for some detailed information about the
whereabouts of Kojong between 1895 to 1907....that is after the move in and
out of the Russian Embassy in which palace was he residing.  There was some
movement and renovation of various royal residences during the period.
What would be a good source for this sort of detailed information.
> Mike Robinson
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