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Hi Ann,

You might want to check the entry, "Hong Taeyong" by Kim T'aejun of Tongguk
University, in _Han'guk munhak chakkaron_ 3: ChosOnsidaeUi chakka 2, edited by
Hwang P'aegang et al, 2000, Seoul: Jimoondang (jimoon at shinbiro.com), pp. 
161-174.  There seems to be quite a bit of research on Hong Taeyong's literary 
philosphical thought: The reference section lists twenty six publications in
addition to cited works by Hong Taeyong.

All best,
Young-Key Kim-Renaud

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  My students and I have been reading a book by Ko Mi-suk, entitled "18 segi
eso 20 segi ch'o Han'guk sigasa ui kudo," particularly the chapter about
Korean literary thought.  The chapter includes discussion of Kim Man-jung's
thought about vernacular Korean - something David McCann referred to astutely
in another discussion on this list - and, moreover, cites the literary thought
of Hong Tae-yong.  Hong praised vernacular Korean songs as emerging from the
genuine emotions of commoners, and thought such songs were better than the
shih of elite Korean poets.  Has anyone researched the literary thought of
Hong Tae-yong?  Professor Ledyard, could you comment on Hong's preface to the
Taedong p'ungyo?

  Thank you.

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