[KS] needing some leads on photos, etc...

Eric Niderost enideros at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 28 22:48:22 EST 2002

Hello all,

This is ERic Niderost, and I'm working on two
articles--one is on Queen Min, and the other is on the
Durham Stevens/chang In-hwan case....
Of course, we are dealing with two widely different
subjects-- but for both I need-- well, anything I can
get to illustrate these topics for two seperate
magazine articles.
For Queen Min-- anything on the Queen or King Kojong,
or even "generic" shots of court aristocracy, yangban,
etc.  YES I'm well aware of the Queen Min "photo
controversy-- but even a copy of that "unknown court
lady" would be welcome--

On Durham stevens and Chang In Hwang-- I'm hoping
there's an archive, university library, Korean or
asian-american museum, etc "out there" that might have
pictures of these individuals-- shots of the trial,
whatever.  After all, in 1908 press photos were fairly

could anybody help me on leads, etc?

Thanks, kam-sa-ham-ni-da, 


Eric Niderost

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