[KS] Spam and South Korea

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Fri May 24 03:11:59 EDT 2002

Dear Alain -- and others:

As for your point one:  I don't think this is possible. The KS 
subscriber list ... now about 540 e-mail addresses, is only 
accessible to the six list moderators. This has been so since about 
two years. We have a strict rule of not giving this list out to 

Much more likely, I can only speculate, is that the e-mail list which 
I maintain at http://koreaweb.ws/10_koreanists.html might serve as a 
source for spammers. For the record, please note that THIS list is 
not in any way related to the list of subscribers to "KoreanStudies." 
At this point it might be much too late to delete this list anyway, 
if this is what you suggest (?), as these addresses will already have 
found their way into much larger spammer databases.

Point two:  What are you suggesting? What do ROK laws and regulations 
say about spamming? In the U.S., for example, a message that includes 
instructions of how to 'unsubscribe' the recipient's e-mail address 
would legally NOT be considered "spam." So we can all be busy 
'unsubscribing' all day and none of us ever gets any spam ...


>1) Is there any TECHNICAL link between this list and the exponential growth
>of spam that comes daily from South Korea (99% of the spam I receive is from
>2) Is there any POLITICAL (I mean collective) solution a list like ours
>could offer only in channeling our concern to should-be concerned South
>Korean authorities?

Frank Hoffmann
http://KoreaWeb.ws  *  Fax: (415) 727-4792

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