[KS] Spam and South Korea

Joel Bradshaw bradshaw at hawaii.edu
Fri May 24 13:40:33 EDT 2002

Alain, Frank,

Here's one email server's long list of blocked spam generators with the
following note.
"With the notable exception of the .kr (Korea) and .ar (Argentina) domains, most
of the sources below are unconfirmed mailing lists that ignore bounce messages
and/or have non-working unsubscribe mechanisms. Korea at the moment presents a
happy hunting ground of open relays and open proxy servers to North American
spammers, in addition to being the home of a large number of unconfirmed
high-volume mailing lists."

Although I'm getting a lot more Korean (and some Argentinian) spam than I used
to (at least as many Korean flower shops as porn sites), I think it's not due so
much to rejoining Koreanstudies as to belonging to another open and unmoderated
list that got so inundated that it had to close itself off. My impression is
that unsubscribing to one spammer simply confirms your email address and kicks
it over to new spammers in geometric progression. Yahoo seems to be one of the
biggest offenders in that regard.

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