[KS] ICAS conference 2003

Heike Hermanns hdhermanns at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 1 10:50:51 EDT 2002

Dear List,

the deadline for the next International Convention of
Asia Scholars (ICAS) in Singapore August 2003 is
getting closer (by the end of this month).
I am wondering if anybody is interested in
participating  in a panel about
"Globalisation" in the widest sense,
thematically and geographically. I am leaving this so
open to see what ideas people come up with. 
I am currently working on a project about the effects
of globalisation on the population and their
impressions about this in Korea and Vietnam but I
think with globalisation being one of the buzz words
at the moment there is plenty of scope to fill an
interesting panel.
Please let me know your ideas under the following

HDHermanns at yahoo.com


Heike Hermanns

University of Glasgow, Scotland

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