[KS] Video(s) on Kwangju, Korea

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Tue Oct 1 17:03:41 EDT 2002

There is a documentary on Kwangju that I watched ... I got it at 
the East Asian Library at Columbia. If you go to the "libraries" 
section" of the website at Columbia, www.columbia.edu, you'll be 
able to find it. There is also a film, very popular called "A 
Petal." It is hard to find, but it was worth it. It also revolved 
around Kwangju. Also, check out the film, Peppermint Candy., Keep 
in mind that the last two are just films, not documentaries.
In Korea, in the mid-90s, possibly '95, there was a mini-series on 
5-18. But I doubt it has been transcribed. Ratings were very high 
for the show; a lot of censorship has been eased, and as a result, 
there has been much media on Kwangju and the American and Korean 
governmental role.
I have several books, also, I got through Amazon, and I 
lexisnexised and got all the NYT and Christian Science articles. 
Also check out www.kimsoft.com. There is a man Tim Shorrock? who 
did an extensive study.
Take care.
Katherine Kim

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> Sem Vermeersch
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> entitled
> "Non-Violent Activism in Contemporary Asia," the purpose of which
> is to explore
> the traditions and practices of non-violent struggles in China,
> India, Burma,
> Tibet and South Korea. 
> Could anyone recommend a video/documentary on the Kwangju
> Uprising in Korea?
> Please reply to me directly (jlee at pace.edu). 
> Thank you. 
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