[KS] re: Korea studies in Japan

Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Mon Oct 7 07:45:40 EDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,

The 2002 edition of the Chosenshi Kenkyukai's annual conference will be 
held Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20, in Osaka.  The two invited 
speakers Saturday afternoon are ChOng TaesOng and Nagashima Kimichika. 
Doors open at 1:30 pm.  On Sunday will be presentations by Ikeuchi Satoshi, 
Pak SOnmi, Cho Kwanja, and Yoshizawa Fumitoshi.  The presentations begin at 
10:00 am.  For further details, please visit the conference homepage at the 
URL below.  A map is included.


Ken Robinson

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