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Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Tue Oct 22 10:43:12 EDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you have seen the announcement pasted below on H-ASIA or H-JAPAN. 
For those of you who have not seen this notice, with the permission of 
Professor Koichi Okamoto, of Waseda University, I forward his announcement 
of an upcoming symposium and exhibition on Saito Makoto.

Ken Robinson

International Symposium on Japanese Colonial Rule in Korea

The exhibition on Saito Makoto will be held at the Aizu Museum of
Waseda University from October 24 to November 10. (admission free)
Saito Makoto is one of the most important political/military figures in
modern Japan, who was a naval admiral, Governor-General in Korea after
the March 1 Movement, and Prime Minister after the May 15th Incident.
The exhibition covered his entire life until he was assassinated in the
February 26 Incident.  The official documents, personal correspondence
and photographs, possessed by the National Diet Library and Saito
Makoto Memorial, will be displayed, with emphasis of his Governor-
General period.

On this occasion, an international symposium on Japanese colonial rule in
Korea will be held at the Ibuka Memorial Hall of Waseda's
International Conference Center/Central Library Building on October 25,
2002.  (Please see the map,
http://www.waseda.ac.jp/eng/campus/nishiw.html.) The central issue of this
symposium is beyond the binary framework of Korean resistance/independence
movement versus Japan's imperialism, to illuminate the historical
significance of Japan's colonial rule reflecting on latest studies about
colonial Korea.

Special Lecture and Symposium (admission free)

1:00pm, October 25.
Special Lecture,
Sato Tadao (movie critic), "Japanese Colonial Rule in Korea and Movies"

2:30pm, October 25.
Symposium: "Various Aspects of Colonial Korea"
(Japanese, English and Korean simultaneous interpreters are
Yun Haedon, "The May 1 Movement and the Change to the 'Cultural Rule.'"

Koen De Ceuster, "Korean by Birth, Christian By Conviction, Educator By
Calling, Yun Chiho(1865-1945) and the Colonization of Korea."

Matsuda Toshihiko, "Saito Makoto and Korea: Korean Society after
the March 1 Movement and Japan's Cultural Rule."

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