[KS] Gwageo cheongsan (Kwageon ch'eongsan)

David McCann dmccann at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 9 08:51:29 EDT 2002

If by jumping from "liquidation" one could get to "cleansing," a reasonable
enough move in a poem, I suppose the term could be taken to mean "cleansing
of the past," as might happen at a(n) historical dry cleaners, or perhaps
with sticks by a stream.  Though I did think it had to do with financial
records, the figurative twist on the meaning of the term coming from
connecting it with the past rather than the financial matters.

This seems to call for a rereading of the famous shijo by Hwang Chini,
about the middle level official busy amidst his financial records, perhaps
overly proud of his easy subtracting: ch'eongsalli Pyeok Kyesu ya, sui
kameul charang mara.

David McCann

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